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In-house productions: The Exeter Oddity Showcase

                                          The Exeter Weekly Report


Hillary Donnell
Media Technician

In 2016, Hillary graduated Summa cum laude with a B.A. in Communications from Simmons University. During her tenure, Hillary acted as features editor for the Simmons Voice, interned at documentary filmmaker studio Northern Light Productions, and hosted the Umbrella Press and the Flavor of Life on Simmons College Radio. The Umbrella Press, which focuses on LGBT+ issues in children’s/teen media, was nominated for Best Talk Show at the 2016 Intercollegiate Broadcast Awards. Hillary’s favorite radio project is a 2015 Flavor of Life interview she conducted with Disney animator Dana Terrace. At Exeter TV, Hillary hosts two shows, the Exeter Oddity Showcase and the Exeter Weekly Report, as well as providing voiceovers for various videos and PSAs.


The Exeter Oddity Showcase grew from her love of the strange-r, indie-er, rough-around-the-edges-er side of public access. It is her dearest ambition to call the other Hillary Donnell, an NYC DJ, on air and see what happens. Hillary hopes to one day become a pro voiceover artist, visit Shibuya, publish a series of comedy/horror novels for middle-schoolers, learn to ride a bike, and host a smash-hit podcast.

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